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About FRP Canada

Just as family resource programs support Canadian families, FRP Canada supports its 500 member organizations to be their best. FRP Canada ensures that family resource organizations have the tools, training and resources they need to do excellent work in a cost-effective manner.

Originally founded in 1975 as an association of toy libraries, the national organization was renamed the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs in 1994. Its common name is FRP Canada. FRP Canada is a bilingual, charitable organization. Charitable number: 12522 4519 RR0001

FRP Canada's activities are focused on the needs of its members and the families they serve.


Our Vision

A Canada that supports families and communities to raise our children. (February 2014)

Our Mission

To provide national leadership to a diverse network of those who support families raising children.
(February 2014)


  Annual Reports Financial Statements
Annual Report 2014-2015

Year ending March 31, 2015
Annual Report 2013-2014

Year ending March 31, 2014
Annual Report 2012-2013 Year ending March 31, 2013
Annual Report 2011-2012 Year ending March 31, 2012
Annual Report 2010 - 2011 Year ending March 31, 2011
Annual Report 2009 - 2010 Year ending March 31, 2010
Annual Report 2008 - 2009 Year ending March 31, 2009
Annual Report 2007 - 2008 Year ending March 31, 2008
Annual Report 2006 - 2007  

The staff team at FRP Canada

The Board of Directors

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