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Copying, Reprint and Distribution Policies

Photocopy Rights

FRP Canada produces resource sheets to be distributed free to parents and caregivers. It is not necessary to ask for permission to make copies for your participants. However, we ask that you:

  • copy them in their entirety, since excerpts may lose the context which gave them meaning
  • keep FRP Canada’s name and contact information on the resource sheet
  • include the name of the author and any reference to sources
Republishing Rights

Parent resource sheets are intended for direct distribution to parents and caregivers. You may also want to use them, or any of our free downloadable resources, as part of professional development, either in a newsletter or other publication directed to practitioners or as part of a training workshop. Before you distribute any of these resources in this way, we ask that you:

  • contact FRP Canada at first to obtain written permission, describing the context in which you would like to use the documents



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