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Downloadable Parenting Resources

The following resources cover a variety of parenting topics.  Each title represents a direct link to that resource.  For more information, click on the organization's website.

Be a Great Parent, Niagara Regional Health
 How parenting styles impact children
 Parenting your infant
 Parenting your toddler
 Parenting your preschooler
 Parenting your child
 Parenting your teen

 Best Start:  Maternal Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre, Ontario
 Baby Wants - booklet of simple everyday actions to foster a young child's development

Centre of Knowledge on Healthy Child Development Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University
 Anxiety Problems in Children and Adolescents
 Attention Problems in Children and Adolescents
 Behaviour Problems in Children and Adolescents
 Mood Problems in Children and Adolescents

Child and Youth Mental Health, Ministry of Children and Family Development, BC
 Dealing with Depression: Anti-depression skills for teens
(For more information on how to use this document, please go to the Child and Youth Mental Health link above)

 Early Childhood Learning Knowledge Centre, Canadian Council on Learning
NEW     Importance of Attachment in Infants

Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development, Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development
 Agressive Behaviours - Better management through understanding
 Agressive Behaviours - When should we be worried?
 Breastfeeding - More than loving contact
 Crying - Listen:  they're talking to you!
 Discipline - How much is enough?
 Eating Behaviours - A recipe for healthy eating habits
 Nutrition: Developing healthy eating habits during pregnancy
 Parent-Child Attachment - A bond of trust
 Parents' Practices - When sensitivity and beliefs enter the picture
 Tobacco Use during Pregnancy
 Alcohol Use during Pregnancy 

Psychology Foundation of Canada
 Focus on Self-Esteem: Nurturing your school-age child
 Hands-on Dad: A guide for new fathers
 Let's Play!  A Child's Road to Learning
 Yes, You Can!  Positive discipline ideas for you and your child
 You and Your Preteen: Getting ready for independence

 TVO Parents (TVO Parents is a web portal of TVO, Ontario's public television)
 Newcomers Guide to Elementary School in Ontario (available in 18 languages)
 What to Expect: Starting Kindergarten
 Developmental Milestones
 Understanding Computers and TV in Your Child's Life
 Making Sense of Childcare
 Parent's Guide to Special Education
 Understanding Autism

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