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Mobilizing the Community, Investing in the Future

This project followed on the work of FutureSave which helped family-serving organizations spread the word about Education Savings through a series of workshops for parents. The goal of the project was to help build a collaborative community environment to assist families with modest income to make more informed choices about funding for post-secondary education and to access the Canada Learning Bond and Canada Savings Grant.

The two guides produced for the project are available as downloads below. Hard copies of both guides were mailed to members in the spring of 2012.

Guide for Education Savings Facts & Resources for Families on Education Savings
materials and resources for parents
Guide for Education Savings Guide for Education Savings
the companion piece for those working with families
Project Summary:
Over a two year period, two guides on education saving were produced and twelve community forums were hosted across Canada by FRP Canada members. The user-friendly guide for family -serving professionals and financial representative provided basic information and ideas to educate, support and enable families to make informed choices and begin thinking about their savings options for post-secondary education. The guide developed for families includes information about the importance of post-secondary education (trades, certificates, diplomas, degrees) in today’s Canada but also about how little amounts add up to real savings, with links to budgeting and savings tools for the whole family. Both guides provide detailed information on the up to $9,200 in bond and grant money available through opening a RESP.

The twelve organizations who hosted the forums brought together players in their community, including financial representatives, to work towards reducing barriers for modest income families to opening Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) and accessing the Canada Learning Bond and Canada Education Savings Grant.

Over 500 parents were presented with the information either one on one or in group information sessions and another 1400 through newsletters, information displays and distribution of the guide for families. The following is an illustration of how the information and collaboration forged in the community forums translated into action. Anna Horianopoulos , the preschool supervisor from The Friendship House Preschool in Prince Rupert, BC, co-hosted with the Northern Savings Credit Union and Success by Six an “ECE Child Development Celebration Day”. The Credit Union set up an information booth using the Facts & Resources for Families on Education Savings guide and the project promotional items. Anna worked with credit union staff to provide information to the families. Approximately 200 families attended along with many other community organizations. “I feel that all areas of the development of the ‘whole’ child were covered…the community working together as a whole.” (Anna)

Thank you to all of the host organizations, the Advisory Committee and forum participants for their work and dedication to helping young families start to plan for the future education of their children.

For more information please the Executive Director at ed@frp.ca


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