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Promoting Innovative Community-based Strategies in Mental Health

In March 2012, FRP Canada received funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) for an 18 month project to increase the knowledge and sharing of promising practices currently being used by community-based family-serving programs in relation to mental health promotion of infants, children, youth and parents.

The project focused on the general aspects of family mental health and how mental health can be supported by family-serving community organizations, both through formal programs and everyday practices.

National Survey

In May 2012, a national survey was disseminated which asked about work being done in promoting family mental health and about gaps in relation to mental health promotion (training and resources) in programs and staff training. Over 400 respondents provided a wealth of information.  Read some of the responses.

In the next phase of the project, ten to twelve community program sites located across Canada were interviewed as case studies to illustrate a wide range of exemplary practices in promoting family mental health.

The final project report incorporates the findings from these site interviews, a literature review, and the national survey.

Resources and Programs to Support Mental Health

The websites on the pages linked below are resources recommended by family support practitioners and others in the family support sector.

The lists are not intended to be exhaustive; they are a guide for organizations interested in supporting family mental health and a taste of the wide-range and often free resources available for families and professionals. Most of the links are from Canadian sources.

Links are organized into the following categories:

For more information please contact the Executive Director at ed@frp.ca .



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