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Positive Discipline For Everyday Parenting

Positive Discipline
In Everyday Parenting

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About Positive Discipline In Everyday Parenting
This innovative and empowering approach to child discipline was developed by Joan Durrant Ph.D. (University of Manitoba) for Save the Children Sweden in 2007. Positive discipline is based on children's rights to healthy development, protection from violence and participation in their learning. Parents are shown how they can teach their children while respecting their human rights. It is relevant to parents of all children from infancy to adolescence.

Positive Discipline is:

  • Non-violent
  • Respectful
  • Solution-focused
  • Based on child development principles

Positive Discipline summary brochure  [PDF 194K]
Interviews with Dr. Joan Durrant - Text     Video Part 1   Part 2

About the Parent Book
Previously published as Positive Discipline: What it is and how to do it   First Edition 2007, Second Edition 2011.

The book addresses common issues that arise between birth and the end of adolescence. It is organized according to a sequence of steps, each step building on the one before it. The book is available as a download Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting  [PDF 253,230KB] or as print copy using FRP Canada's order form.

This book for parents has been translated into multiple languages including French.

Training Information
Those interested in offering this program to parent groups must take the 3-day facilitator training which is available across Canada and internationally. The Positive Discipline Facilitator's Manual is provided during training. For more information, contact Joan Durrant directly.

With support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, FRP Canada coordinated facilitator training in five Ontario communities in 2012-2014. 

See the new Positive Discipline website for more information on the program including information for parents, links to download or order the parent book, and a section for facilitators.

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