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Special Interest Resources on Financial Literacy

ACORN Canada
ACORN builds capacity for low and moderate income people so they can champion their own issues to the powers that be. It offers financial Literacy support and free income tax preparation support. Offices in Nova Scotia, Gatineau, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto and Vancouver.


Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE)
The CFEE is a national non-profit producing resources, workshops and strategic planning/advisory services to promote and assist the enhanced economic capability of Canadians through a variety of programs. Offers online tools/calculators. www.cfee.org

Building Futures Network
Provides help to Canadians who are interested in improving their savings, especially those trying to save for their children’s future education and training. This site, created by the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), includes tips and FAQs on saving, as well as online calculator tools. www.buildingfuturesnetwork.com


CanLearn Education Savings for your Child
The CanLearn site was developed by the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada in collaboration with provincial and territorial governments and Canadian learning and career development organizations to provide Canadians with the information and services they need to decide what and where to study and how to cover the costs. Videos, downloadable brochures , FAQ’s and links to information about Registered Education Savings Bonds, Canada Learning Bond, Canada Education Savings Grants. Offers online tools/calculators.


I’m Worth It: Financial Stories, Ideas and Strategies for Women
Produced by the Manitoba Securities Commission, this guide is a collection of shared stories and advice on financial management unique to financial situations women may experience in life.


Planning for Retirement on Low Income
Resources developed by Open Policy, an Ontario social policy blog, to provide clear, relevant and accessible financial planning information to low-income, older Ontarians.


Registered Education Savings Plans and Canada Learning Bond information using YouTube clips and plain language brochures. The information is available in eight languages. Created by the Omega Foundation.


The New Financial Reality: A Planning Handbook
(Disabilities and Illness)
A guide looking at the financial literacy needs of people who have experienced a disability or serious illness, or those who are providing care to someone who has had those experiences. It is also designed to be beneficial to people who have ongoing disabilities or illnesses, which require some special consideration in financial planning. From the Community Financial Counselling Services and the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities.

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