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The Guiding Principles of Family Support   (PDF) 
© 2002 Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs

  1. Family support programs are open to all families, recognizing that all familiesdeserve support.
  2. Family support programs complement existing services, build networks and linkages, and advocate for policies, services and systems that support families’ abilities to raise healthy children.
  3. Family support programs work in partnership with families and communities to meet expressed needs.
  4. Family support programs focus on the promotion of wellness and use a prevention approach in their work.
  5. Family support programs work to increase opportunities and to strengthen individuals, families and communities.
  6. Family support programs operate from an ecological perspective that recognizes the interdependent nature of families’ lives.
  7. Family support programs value and encourage mutual assistance and peer support.
  8. Family support programs affirm parenting to be a life-long learning process.
  9. Family support programs value the voluntary nature of participation in their services.
  10. Family support programs promote relationships based on equality and respect for diversity.
  11. Family support programs advocate non-violence to ensure safety and security for all family members.
  12. Family support programs continually seek to improve their practice by reflecting on what they do and how they do it.
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