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The Transformative Power of

the Canada Learning Bond

In collaboration with SmartSAVER, FRP Canada is working to help thousands of families across Canada access free money for their children’s future education.

Research demonstrates that even small amounts of education savings improve student achievement, well-being, equity of opportunity and outcomes. In fact, students with as little as $500 in savings earmarked for their education are 3 times more likely to attend post-secondary and 4 times more likely to graduate than those who have none.

As a trusted family resource, you have the power to help eligible children in your community access thousands of dollars in untapped education savings money.

The Canada Learning Bond is a federal grant of up to $2,000 available to lower-income children born 2004 or later. Unfortunately, most eligible children are missing out on this free money, largely because their families don’t know about it or how to access it. Across Canada, 2.2 million children are eligible but only 3 in 10 are receiving it!

Learn more about the power of education savings, the Canada Learning Bond AND how you can help eligible families access this free money!


May 25th at 2 pm EST or May 31st at 2 pm EST.

Register here   Space is limited.

The webinar will provide:

  • Research on education savings: how it improves student success K-12
  • The Canada Learning Bond and SmartSAVER’s open source, multilingual communications tools and resources
  • Case study from the Fraser Valley: Hurdles and successes, tools that worked with parents at a Fraser Valley early years care centre

Co-hosted by FRP Canada Executive Director Kelly Stone and SmartSAVER’s Joe March, this one-hour session will also feature Denise Thandi, Eastern Fraser Valley Success by 6.

Following the webinar, registrants will receive a Canada Learning Bond Action Kit including tools designed to make promotion of the Canada Learning Bond easy!



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