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Case Studies

The Case Studies Research Project, 1996-1998, funded by Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), was designed to learn more about the nature and scope of Canadian family resource programs by systematically examining the development and operation of fifteen established family resource programs serving diverse geographic and ethno-cultural communities from Newfoundland to British Columbia.
Case Studies of Canadian Family Resource Programs: Supporting Families, Children and Communities by Irene Kyle and Maureen Kellerman was a product of this project. 
The first part of the Case Studies book reviewed the history of Canadian programs, their theoretical bases and the socio-economic context in which they work. The text is also available on disc as part of the publication, Putting the Pieces Together: A Conceptual Framework for Family Support Practice.
The profiles of the 15 programs highlighted in the second part of the 1998 book are available to download. The profiles reflect the situation of these programs when the authors, Irene Kyle and Maureen Kellerman, did their research, between October 1996 and June 1997. Click on the links below to see the individual profiles in PDF format.
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