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An Evaluation of the Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program


Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program -  National Study Shows Positive Results

Positive parenting is known to be a powerful predictor of children’s well-being. In Canada, the Nobody’s Perfect parenting program has provided parenting support to over 200,000 parents of young children since it was launched nationally in the mid 1980s. Nobody’s Perfect was designed to meet the needs of parents who are young, single, socially, culturally or geographically isolated, with low literacy skills or living in poverty. The goal of Nobody’s Perfect is to improve parents’ abilities to maintain and promote the health of their young children. The program was originally developed by Health and Welfare Canada and the Departments of Health in the four Atlantic provinces. Nobody’s Perfect is currently supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Over the years, a number of evaluations have demonstrated the program’s effectiveness. However, this study was the first national level evaluation, as well as the first to make use of a control group.

To learn the results of this evaluation, see:

This study was part of a larger project, Ensuring Quality in Parenting Education, coordinated by FRP Canada with funding from the Population Health Fund, Public Health Agency of Canada.

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